Parker Series 2AJ and 2ANJ steel pneumatic cylinders with rod lock provide value through proven reliability, efficient performance and the quality that you expect.


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Designed for use in steel mills, foundries and.

Series 2A / 2ANJ Parts Identification & Service Kits • Because the Rod Lock pilots on the gland and is sealed to the gland OD with an o-ring, a Jewel Gland with spanner wrench slots could not be used.

Catalog AU03-0900P-2/NA. Model Number English. Parker Series 2A Air Cylinder.

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Model Number English. 16. Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinder - 2A/2AN Series.

Parker Series 2A Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinders - Catalog HY08-0910-1/NA: Series 2H, 2HD, 7. Parker Engineering Your Success Motion Control Technology.

Heavy Duty.


Parker Series 2A Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinders - Catalog HY08-0910-1/NA Series 2H, 2HD, 7. • Piston seals and body o-rings are standard for Series 2A or 2AN.

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Series H is a complete line of NFPA standard hydraulic tie rod cylinders, with maximum operating.
Series 2A cylinders are rated for air service to 250 PSI and conform to.

00" Bore 3H & 3HD, VH, HD, 3L & 2A Hydraulic & Pneumatic Cylinders, - Service Bulletin 1110-M3 Compliance, Certifications & Safety.


00" & 8. Catalog HY08-0931 Series 2AJ & 2ANJ, Rod Lock Air Cylinders. START NOW.

A 125,000 psi yield strength rod-end stud with rolled threads. 4mm (1” to 6”) bore sizes, and pages 22 to 30 for 203. A 100,000 psi yield strength chrome-plated, case-hardened piston. 00" & 8. 6 Cylinder End-of-Stroke Proximity Sensors For Parker Series 2A, 2H, 3L, 3H & HMI Cylinders “EPS” Style Inductive Sensors For General Industrial AC and DC Applications “CLS” Style Magnetic Sensors Including Extreme Temperature Applications All Sensors Are: Non.


. Catalog HY08-0910 Series 2A / 2AN Heavy Duty Pneumatic Cylinders.


A 100,000 psi yield strength chrome-plated, case-hardened piston rod.



Parker Series 2A Air Cylinder.